We’ve gathered a few highlights from volunteers who have participated in studies with ClinSearch during the past year. We hope you enjoy reading their stories.

Gayle's Story

Gayle participated in a study 10 years ago and had a good experience, so she enrolled in the database for future studies. She was called to participate in a diabetes trial. “My condition was really affecting my life. I was having difficulty sleeping; I was constantly tired and was gaining weight. I wanted relief and was willing to give it a try.”

She didn’t really have any concerns because of her past experience. She also knew she could withdraw from the study at any time. “I have an assigned coordinator, and she answers all my questions. In fact, I usually get a call back within 15 minutes whenever I call. I feel very spoiled. Everyone is so friendly, and they even make coffee for me after my blood work.”

“During the study, they taught me how to monitor my blood sugar and encouraged me to do it on a regular basis. I received a lot of one-on-one attention. I couldn’t really ask for anything better.” Gayle’s medical care was free along with her blood testing equipment and medication. She was also compensated for her time and travel expense.

Gayle says that she is now much more active, not sleepy all the time and that the medical care she has received made a big difference in her life. “My blood sugar test is down from 300 to around 120. I would definitely participate in another study and would encourage others to because they might get a great deal of help like I did. Everybody is a little scared at first, but you may get a great benefit and you can always stop if you want.”

Dwayne's Story

Dwayne saw a TV advertisement for studies being conducted by ClinSearch and then saw Dr. Krause on a television news broadcast and decided to call and investigate a little further. His doctor had retired some time back, and he knew he needed to receive some medical care for his diabetes, and it had been a while since he had received a check-up.

“I wondered if they treated you like a guinea pig, but after talking to them a while, I knew that wouldn’t be the case. They were very thorough and answered all of my questions. I felt very comfortable.”

“I received a great physical exam without any cost. The staff couldn’t have been better. They were all very knowledgeable and made me feel like family. They knew my name when I came in, called to remind me of my appointment and were always giving me little bags of goodies. I consider them to be friends.”

“They helped me change some of my behavior. They were encouraging in a positive way without being preachy. The study medication worked well, and my symptoms did improve. During the study, I paid more attention to what I was doing. I would be willing to participate again. They have nice offices and a great location; it’s easy to get in and out of. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation.”

Yolanda's Story

Yolanda had been told by her physician that she needed a colonoscopy. As luck would have it, a friend told her about the colonoscopy study being conducted by ClinSearch. She decided to talk to the people at ClinSearch to see if it made sense to participate in the study.

“I didn’t have a lot of concern because it was a procedure I needed to have. The paperwork was very thorough so I didn’t have a lot of questions, but the few I had were answered to my satisfaction. It was an economic no-brainer since I had to have the procedure anyway, and they would compensate me for participating.”

“Everybody was very friendly and pleasant. I felt like I made new friends. On my final visit, I was a little disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing them again.”

Yolanda said she would encourage people to participate in a study conducted by ClinSearch. “Read the paperwork, and ask lots of questions, and be clear what the study is about. I would definitely be willing to participate again.”